Introducing ‘Yes Means Yes
Everything Else Means No’ by Bruce Mullen

Hey there, I’m Bruce Mullen, the guy who wrote ‘Yes Means Yes Everything Else Means No.’ This book isn’t your typical read; it’s like a game-changer for how you make decisions.
Inside, you’ll find simple tools to deal with life’s complicated stuff by using the power of saying ‘YES’ and ‘NO’

I get it—life can throw a ton of choices at you every day. I’ve been there, feeling overwhelmed and just wanting things to be simpler. So, I figured out this philosophy that helped me live authentically—saying yes to the good stuff and confidently saying no to the rest.

And now, I want to share this philosophy with you. Picture having a clear mind, ready to take on anything. This book is like your roadmap to turning decisions from headaches into opportunities. It’s about living life the way you want.

If you’re up for it, this book can help you say yes to yourself and no to things that don’t really matter. It’s like a game-changer with just one word.

. Learn how saying “yes” can be a transformative force in your decision-making

. Discover practical tools to dismantle the overwhelming complexity of everyday choices.

. Gain insights to confidently tackle any situation with ease and grace.

. Explore how this philosophy inspires you to live authentically and passionately.

. Find ways to simplify your daily life and focus on what truly matters.

. Understand how to turn decisions from challenges into opportunities for personal growth.

. Master the skill of saying “no” confidently to things that don’t align with your values.

Highly Recommended!

Build strength in saying ‘no’ to things that don’t align with your values. Master the art of self-affirmation for a more fulfilling life. Your journey begins with the power of ‘yes’ and the confidence of ‘no.’

Say Yes to Yourself
This book is a game-changer

One word that will change your life: YES!

2024 is your chance for a fresh start, and this book is your roadmap:

Make Choices Easy:
Decide by saying ‘yes’ to what’s important and confidently saying ‘no’ to the rest. Simplify your decisions effortlessly.

Discover Powerful Words:
Learn the strength behind ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Wave goodbye to confusion and uncertainty in your life choices.

Face Your Fears:
Tackle fears and doubts with a clear, confident mind. Handle any situation with grace and ease.

Chase Your Dreams:
Use the power of ‘yes’ to unlock the path to your dreams. Live your life authentically and passionately.

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This book changed everything for me. It made my life simpler and helped me concentrate on important things. It showed me how to say yes to myself and no to others. I learned the strength of saying ‘yes’ and confidently saying ‘no.’ And you know what? My life transformed with just one word: yes.”

– Sarah, 35, teacher

Read this book if you want to get better at making decisions, stop being unsure, and reach your goals. It teaches you to make things less complicated and use the strength of saying ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ It turns you into someone who’s really good at making decisions

John, 42, Entrepreneur

This book is amazing. It makes you want to live your real self and love what’s important. It helps you be sure and confident in any situation. It turns you into someone who’s positive about life.

John, 42, Entrepreneur

Life-changing! Saying ‘yes’ to my dreams transformed my world.
Saying ‘no’ with confidence gave me control. This book is a game-changer!”

Edwards, Businessman, Texas

Transform 2024 with this game-changer.
Say ‘yes’ to yourself, ‘no’ to the rest. Ready?

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