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“This book is a game-changer! 'YES Means YES, Everything Else Means NO' has transformed the way I approach decisions in my life. Bruce Mullen's insights are practical, relatable, and deeply motivating. Through his personal stories and clear guidance, I've learned to simplify my choices and focus on what truly matters. A must-read for anyone seeking clarity and empowerment.”

EleanorSolaris and more GmbH

“YES Means YES, Everything Else Means NO isn't just a philosophy—it's a practical roadmap to living a more intentional and fulfilling life.”

Jhon SmithSolaris and more GmbH

“I can't thank Bruce Mullen enough for sharing his wisdom in 'YES Means YES, Everything Else Means NO.' As a young professional juggling various roles, this book has been my guiding light. The concepts of courage, perseverance, and simplicity are beautifully woven into each page. Bruce's stories resonate deeply, making the book both relatable and transformative. If you're seeking to elevate your life, this book is your compass.”

Jordan EdwardSolaris and more GmbH